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Canidae species distribution and Mustelidae species distribution Two visualizations exploring distribution of species choices in the furry fandom within two families, Canidae and Mustelidae, driven by survey results for each. July, 2012
Years in the Fandom vs. Species Another visualization done on request. An author for [adjective][species] wanted to see how species choice might change over time in the fandom (with the expectation that there would be a lot more wolves, dragons, and such among those who were new to the fandom). Additionally, the data can be normalized for year-to-year changes within each species June, 2012
Bechdel Test Results The "Bechdel Test" originates from a strip from Alison Bechdel's Dykes to Watch Out For, wherein one of the characters explains that they will only watch movies which pass these three rules. The makers of have taken the rules to heart and set up a website wherein movies may be submitted and rated as to whether or not they pass the test, and to what extent. There is even some interesting discussion and a few disputed movies on the site. Some of the results are, frankly, a little surprising. June, 2012
Fire Maps After the start of Colorado's High Park fire, I wanted to see if I could create maps that were automatically updated with the MODIS thermal imaging satellite's fire perimeter data. Alas, the USDA Forest Service's WFS server is broken, so I settled for the (slightly delayed) data from the USGS GeoMAC server. Although the map starts zoomed in on the High Park fire, you may zoom out to see all active fires in the contiguous states. June, 2012
Years in the Fandom vs. Orientation The first visualization I've created on a request. An author for [adjective][species] asked for this in order to graph the number of years one has spent in the furry fandom with their reported sexual orientation, in order to include it in one of their articles. March, 2012
Visual Résumé A visual résumé that provides all the information of a standard resume with all the expression of a portfolio site. Originally created after I was dismissed out of hand by several companies due to my music composition degree, as was listed on my standard résumé. April, 2011
TV's Top Earners TV Guide compiled a list of TV's top earners a while back, and using this visualization, you can see where the money goes in TV-land. Done for a Visualize This challenge February, 2011
State of Furry Using nearly three years of data from the Furry Survey, you can explore trends and facts about the community of people interested in anthropomorphics. This data was collected from the Furry Survey at as designed by Alex Osaki, who kindly released the data under the same license as these visualizations. December, 2010
Criminal-Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual Youth A visualization of data from a study published in Pediatrics regarding the punishment discrepancies between heterosexual and non-heterosexual teens. Using overlaid bar-graphs, the differences become clear. December, 2010
Programmer Competency Matrix Based off Sijin Joseph's Programmer Competency Matrix, you will be able to see, after rating yourself in thirty two areas divided into five categories, your strengths and weaknesses in the programming world and, soon, how you stack up against the average programmer. December, 2010 Stats is an excellent artistic and community resource for members of the furry fandom, but their statistics are a little dry, so I figured I'd spruce them up a little with Protovis. FA users can drop their statistics into a form and view the output as a visualization, and share that visualization with others. November, 2010
Wikipedia Appeals Wikipedia published a data set for a study of the effectiveness of four banners used in their recent fund-raising campaign. Explore the data in an interactive tiered-pie graph. Done for a Visualize This challenge November, 2010
Visualizing Project Completeness Two attempts at visualizing project completeness - force-directed layout and radially. Temporarily on hold. October, 2010
On hold
Sexual Behaviors Using data from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, I created a three-part, interactive visualization using Protovis for the first time. Done for a Visualize This challenge October, 2010
Tree of Life A visualization of the "tree of life" as a radial network. Nodes, or clades at the circumference are species alive today, and as you trace the lines back, you can see where they converged in the past. That is, the closer you get to the center, the farther back in time you go. Data from the Hillis/Bull lab, done as research for my job to explore vector data using OpenLayers. A previous write-up with further examples is here August, 2010