Criminal-Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual Youth

A paper published in Pediatrics2 on December 6th, 2010 explored the difference in sanctions against heterosexual and non-heterosexual youth, both from school and from the criminal justice system. Below is the data from that study visualized in order to give more perspective on the subject.

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As shown above, you can see that there is a disparity in the way punishment is meted out to heterosexual and nonheterosexual teens by both the school and the justice system. In every case except two (males identifying as heterosexual or nonheterosexual expelled from school and arrested after 18), it appears that teens who identify as something other than heterosexual, report having a same-sex relationship, or experience same-sex attraction receive the greater share of sanctions, sometimes up to twice or three times as much as their peers. More information about the subject may be found in the sources cited below.

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